1988 Porsche 911 Turbo (930) | Promodet Complete Build 500hp | Close Ratio G50 5-Speed | Twin-Plug | 964 A/C | Auto Garage TBK Aero +++

Stock# M-89TBK

1988 Porsche 911 Turbo (930)

VIN:  WP0ZZZ93ZK8000199

66,544 km / 41,348 mi

Promodet Komine Engineering

Maintenance High Performance Racing Support

Komine-san, a master of Porsche tuning and after sales engineering crafts some of the finest p-cars in Japan.  Completely focused on performance, the creations that come out of this place really strike a particular feeling within the soul of the spirited motorist.  These cars are built with immense details of which have to then be tuned using data from a conventional dyno along with testing on moonlit highways.  Komine-san’s main preogative is to test his creations in real world situations.  Promodet was responsible for the Mid Night 930 Turbo, the car that would inspire the “blackbird” in Wangan Midnight.  In the business of speed.


A driver’s treat

Final year of the 930, the only year featuring the G50 5-speed

It drives like an all-around champ.  A true warrior to the cause.  The visceral connection is what a properly tuned machine should provide.  At the end of the day, car’s are to be driven and the feeling needs to be felt rather than thought of.  That’s an easy task behind the wheel of our 930.  From startup, the intrigue begins as the engine warms and turbo charger start to spool, right behind you.

On the road, the car is a blast, almost literally.  Engine response under the touch of the throttle can be felt in a big way, this is before the big K27 turbo kicks into action.  Easy going power delivery in normal driving circumstances which is lovely out of a dual-purpose sports car.  The transmission, if you are familiar with G50’s is very smooth, easy to use even considering the use of an ATS twin carbon clutch.  On throttle, the car presents it’s second personality.  Put your foot down in the right powerband and be prepared to feel brute acceleration.  The car continues to climb speed, and keeps power throughout in a laternal fashion.  The engine balance can really be felt under the foot, through your hands and in your ears!




3.3L – Twin plug – Carrera intake
B&B header – custom Promodet turbo system
Motec, K27 promodet spl, Sard meth
Race oil cooling system
500HP – 964 cold A/C

Full race quantum coilover conversion, Brembo F50 Bbk, roll center, bump steer, etc.

Carbon roof, doors and fender glass, RSR spec cage, strut mounts reinforced, full cage, FULL auto garage TBK kit







Imported legally – U.S. titled – Ready for enjoyment


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911 (930) Turbo
41,348 mi
Black Recaros / Weight Reduced
3.3 L


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