Featured: 992 Venturi 400 Trophy 550hp #53 of #73 On Pit+Paddock

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Rare French 90s Gran Turismo Icon is King of the Boutique Supercars
JULY 6, 2023
Photography: Drew Manley
  • Back in the 90s, Venturi was a French car manufacturer that produced boutique, supercar-adjacent models aimed at rivaling Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Porsche.
  • The 400 Trophy remains the crown jewel of Venturi’s lineage and still remains one of the highest-performing French cars ever produced.
  • Boasting a 408hp V6 biturbo engine, the 400 Trophy was capable of a 181mph top speed and seemed to borrow its styling from the F40 playbook.
  • Only 15 dedicated street versions and 73 racing units were ever built.
  • Portions of the latter were converted to street examples after their racing campaigns were finished, including this example from RMC Miami which represents only the fourth to enter the United States.


That Racing Channel 993 Feature

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This 1996 Porsche 993 gt2 Evo spec aka “War Machine” is german automotive perfection! 2600LB 600+HP Manual Transmission Turbo Air cooled monster with street manners and it’s 100% street legal. This is without a doubt the best Porsche we’ve ever experienced in person.

Larry Chen – RMC Visit

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“RMC Miami is like a real life mashup of Bring a Trailer, the eBay Motors racecar section, and a Gran Turismo garage. It’s an insane collection run by some die-hard car dudes in the heart of Miami. It’s hard to comprehend that this is real life… it’s like walking through a video game, with how eclectic this collection is.”

Speedhunters Visit

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Our Friend Trevor stopped by with his camera…

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