1994 R32 Skyline GTR Built by Bee*R Bee*R built Demo car | 2.8L V-Cam | 678awhp | Sequential Gearbox | Brembo BBK | Fully Serviced | Holinger | Tomei | A\C | Turn Key

1994 R32 GTR Modified by Bee*R

Bee Racing more commonly referred to as Bee*R was founded in 1990 by Imai Kiyonori in Setagaya, Tokyo. From the start Bee*R set out to be a Skyline GTR specialty shop with some of their first endeavors being in drag racing and N1 endurance racing with R32 Skylines. Our R32 GTR started its life as a Bee*R demo car, in 2003 the car was purchased from them and went on to have an array of additional modifications performed. Following its purchase every modification and service was performed at Bee*R with receipts and a journal to verify. The car managed to put down 678hp at 1.4 bar of boost, on a power check performed in 2003. 

The build list is as follows…


  • Full Bee*R Aero kit
  • N1 bumper ducts
  • KL0 Spark Silver metallic

Foot work

  • 18×10 BBS LM
  • New Continental Extreme Contact Sport tires 255/35/18
  • Brembo F50 front caliper with 2 piece 350mm floating rotors
  • Nismo front upper control arm mounts
  • Cusco adjustable tension rods
  • Koni Type Sportiva coilovers with swift springs
  • Nismo rear lower control arms
  • Nismo rear upper link arms
  • Cusco hicas delete
  • Cusco rear upper control arms 
  • Tein front strut tower brace 
  • N1 non-abs brake master cylinder 
  • Endless brake master cylinder stopper


  • bolt in 6 point roll cage
  • Bee R carbon fiber driver side door panel
  • Recaro pole position spg on slider
  • Simpson 4 point harness
  • Bee R 300mm Alcantara steering wheel
  • Spline type quick release 
  • Bee R rev lamp
  • Bee R rev limiter 
  • Greddy oil temp gauge
  • Greddy water temp gauge 
  • Greddy oil pressure gauge 
  • Greddy exhaust gas temp gauge 
  • Greddy boost gauge 
  • HKS circuit attack counter
  • HKS electronic valve timing control (controls V-Cam)
  • Greddy Profec boost controller
  • Bee R carbon fiber gauge pod
  • Nismo key


  • Tomei 2.8 liter with 24U N1 block fully WPC treated
  • Tomei connecting rods
  • Tomei pistons 
  • Tomei crank
  • HKS V-Cam
  • HKS 272 exhaust cam
  • HKS F-CON V Pro ecu
  • Nismo 555 injectors 
  • Trust turbo manifold 
  • Trust T88-34d turbo
  • HKS charge piping
  • HKS GT intercooler
  • Tomei ExpremeTi exhaust 
  • Bee*R oil catch can 


  • Holinger Engineering Getrag 6 speed sequential dog box Fully WPC treated
  • Tomei 3.692 final drive set
  • ORC triple disc clutch


  • Brass radiator
  • Cusco cooling panel
  • HKS S-type oil cooler with Air ducting

When addressing the driving experience of the car the best way to explain it would be that its feels as if you are piloting a machine that is ready for war, as the car comes on boost you get pressed into the back of the seat all the way to red line, and the moment you reach the 8500 rpm redline the car is ready to attack the next gear. To be able to truly command the vehicle one cannot be faint of heart, the transmission requires a forceful yet precise movement to achieve a proper shift at full tilt, the brakes are powerful but without ABS you must be able to modulate properly under aggressive braking. When the vehicle is driven in the manner it was intended for there is never a moment it feels as if it skips a beat or will skip a beat, which is truly a testament to the development of it as well as the components that it is composed of. 

Following our acquisition of the vehicle it was sent to Limitless Motorworks in Miami FL. where it underwent an array of preventative maintenance measures to ensure longevity in the performance of the vehicle. The overall condition of the vehicle is very good with only minor flaws which is to be expected for a 30 plus year old vehicle. Looking at the interior some of the first attributes you will notice are the Bee*R carbon fiber driver side door panel along with the very comfortable Recaro Pole position SPG bucket seat, these modifications were only applied to the driver side of the vehicle in order to account for the weight of the driver and better balance the vehicle side to side. For added rigidity it has been fitted with a very non-intrusive 6 point bolt in rollcage as well as stitch welded throughout the chassis. Showing just over 47000 miles you’ll notice the fantastic condition of the dashboard and lack of bubbles on the passenger side which is a very common R32 skyline problem. To monitor the vitals of the vehicle it has a set of matching period correct Greddy gauges that give off a very nostalgic green light on night drives. Sitting right below the HKS F-CON V Pro ecu are the controls for the perfectly functioning climate control which is a luxury in a vehicle modified to this caliber. 

As if the components that make up the power plant and transmission of the vehicle were not already strong in their own right the entirety of the engine as well as the transmission have been WPC treated. The process of WPC treatment was originally developed in Japan as a way to strengthen components and reduce friction with minimal deformation and has been used in many forms of racing throughout time. WPC relies on a similar concept to shot peening in which a spherical media is fired at the surface of an object at very high velocity to compress and dimple the outer surface of the object in order to create a stronger product. Where WPC treatment differers is in the size of the media that is used and the velocity of said media, WPC effects the object at a microscopic level that has little to no impact on the dimensions of the object, this allows WPC to be used on pretty much every component of an engine including bearings. 

VIN is BNR32-310958

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Skyline GT-R
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2.8 L


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