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Stock# E-RT33

1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R33) by Root Japan

VIN:  BCNR33000975

67,345 km / 41,846 mi

Tuned for the Gentleman Racer

“If you enjoy car inspection, car maintenance, repair, tuning, customization, and circuit driving in Kitakyushu City, leave it to root.”

The words of a wise tuning shop, specifically, the tuning shop that assembled the R33 GT-R featured here.  Welcome to our very pristine, well-balanced Root R33 GT-R.  This example is presented in Spark Silver making it 1 of 2,509 units produced in the color.  The previous owner’s tuning philosphy as he told Root themselves; “I would like to tune it so that it does not overlap with others in my group!”  Effectively, the idea was to tune within a certain set of discussed constraints.  This kept the car focused on the street with the muscle to enjoy it at the track.  The theology of this outfit.


The Grip

The entire Skyline bloodline’s foremost focus.

This R33 lacks no comfort, nor does it lack grip.  The parts curation on the machine was done so with ease, and a particular approach to be able to share the car with both the street & track.  A set of HKS Hipermax S coilovers set the precedant for the rest of chassis, providing on tap comfort and grip.  This car has no issues with rough roads, or off camber situations.  It is genuinly a relaxed cruising session if you so choose.  Thanks to upgraded upper & lower control arms, the car has amazing turn-in capability and an adjouring enhancement in grip for spirited situations.  Brakes grab well with a very sporty touch to the pedal.  This is thanks to a combination of a Trust BBK at the front of the car with R34 brakes at the rear.


The Power

Efficient Brutalism.

This car’s RB26 heart provides a smooth delivery of power following the boost-up metholdolgy.  The exhaust piping has been uprated for better flow & sound with the use of HKS goods from a front pipe to intakes.  The noise is a clean, whirldwind of the famed RB tone with a nice touch of the quintessential turbo noise.  The end result of the noise is provided by an extremely rare Ganador titanium exhaust system.  Cooling has been upgraded with the use of a Koyorad radiator along with Samco hoses.  The car gets onto power strong & keeps consistent through the powerband.  To further the efficiency of this RB26, an HKS intake cam gear has been added to maintain adjusted timing.  This 400+ HP Skyline is the ideal expression of what an RB26 should have been from the factory, all achieved without the use of major or internal upgrades.



Clean as a whistle.

The car is in phenomenal shape.  Inside out, the previous owner kept all materials and finishes pristine.  The paint is in great condition with deep clarity, further enhanced by our detail team.  The wheels, lighting, down to the exhaust pipe shows very tidy.  Within the cabin you’ll find a beautifully kept set of seats, steering wheel & accompanyments.  Upkeep aside, the conidtion of the carpet assumes that the vehicle was regularly steam cleaned.  Air Conditioning blows cold & is in full working order.  There is zero rust anywhere, nor are there any leaks.  At the risk of exaggerating, the car is labratory clean.




–  Ganador cat back titanium
–  HKS front pipe
–  HKS cat
–  HKS intakes
–  HKS charge pipes
–  Apexi power FC
–  Koyorad radiator
–  Samco hoses
–  HKS R35 maf conversion
–  HKS intake cam gear
–  Nismo oil cap
–  Exedy Twin-Disc clutch



–  HKS hyper max coilovers
–  Cusco rear upper control arms
–  Cusco front upper control arms
–  Adjustable tension rods brand?
–  TE37 SL 18×10.5 +15
–  355mm 6 pot Grex/Greddy/Trust brakes
–  R34 350mm rear brakes
–  Nismo rear lower control arms
–  Nismo rear control arm
–  Kansai service front strut bar
–  Hicas delete



–   Tomei Duracon shift knob
–  350mm MOMO tuner steering whee
–  Defi oil pressure gauge
–  Defi oil temp gauge
–  Defi water temp gauge
–  Defi boost gauge
–  Old logo nismo white face center triple meter
–  Old logo white face nismo gauge cluster
–  Sabelt 4 point harness driver and passenger
–  Bride Lowmax Vios iii driver seat
–  Bride Euroster ii passenger seat


Aero/Misc Exterior

–  Top secret style diffuser
–  Car shop f1 carbon trunk
–  Craft square mirrors
–  Rasty JP carbon fiber hood
–  Kansei service front under tray
–  OEM rain visors


Recent Services

– New Tires; Continental Extreme Contact Sport
– Plugs
– Coils
– Oil change w/ Motul 300V 10w-60


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Skyline GT-R (R33)
41,846 mi
Spark Silver
2.6 L


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