1998 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR (CP9A)| 1 of 1,903 | ORIGINAL PAINT! | Mint Condition | Extremely Dialed-in Suspension Setup | Blitz ZZR Coilovers | Cusco Bits | Michelin Sport Cup 2 | Boost Up | Ralliart Exhaust | Gruppe M Intake | OEM++

Stock# E-VO5

1998 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR

VIN:  CP9A-0007631

Introducing one of the cleanest, well-sorted Mitsubishi Evolution V’s to exist!  The Evo has long been a byproduct of the WRC and in that a key initiative was always the importance of handling.  This is where the Evo shines.  Our Evo particularly, as it has been gone through with a fine-tooth comb to hone a setup with precision, balance, & amazing street drivability.  Some of the best suspension parts money can buy are mounted to this machine (see list below), let alone performance products bringing great efficiency to the operation of the sport sedan.


The Grip

The drive this machine provides is the proper Evoloution experience.

With high grip at all four corners, you will find yourself having a blast during corner entry & exits, alike.  The bracing along the chassis of this Evo V has been well thought-out, with factory weak points now addressed.  A bounty of grip is supplied from the reinforced suspension goods provided by experienced names; Blitz, Cusco, J-Speed, Super Private, Megan Racing along with Michelin [Cup 2’s] sealing the car to the pavement.  The characteristically common understeer has been redacted to nothing, with a RWD like turn-in accented by AWD efficiency allowing the car to maintain poise during load.


The Power

The power delivery is sublime, best described as ‘OEM perfected’.

With a boost-up (or FBO here in the states) to 1.4 bar as the prerogative for power output, the car is easy to drive in all situations.  Factory short gear ratios (WRC inspired) make for an easy in-town driving experience with passing power available at anytime.  The intake, downpipe & exhaust help not only in supplying power, but adding girth to the sound of the legendary 4G63 powerplant.  The brakes are fantastic with a high-bite, no squeal and overall strong stopping power.    This is the way the car should have left Mitsubishi’s factory.



Phenomenal & original, if keeping it brief.

In detail however, it is genuinly striking how well-kept this Evo V really is.  The engine bay (pictured) shows in top condition with a number of components looking factory fresh, including all of the painted metal surrounds.  The engine bay looks like one you would see on the floors of the Tokyo Auto Salon, outfitted with the right aftermarket bits which also help to provide eye candy.  Paint meter reads for original paint in great condition.  The lighting all around was kept pristine in clarity & color with zero yellowing on any of the lenses front or back.

The interior is the real treat on this AWD sports sedan.  The previous owner took it upon themselves to apply fitted covers to the factory seats for a majority of the vehicle’s life, resulting in one of the best preservation attempts we have seen on a vehicle of its nature.  The seats look practically unused because of this.  The dashboard, door cards & all other soft touch plastics are in pristine shape.  Headliner, floor mats, & control buttons along with indicator/wiper stalks are in tip-top shape  All of the instruments display their proper read-outs and are fully operational.  Truly a gem, and a great example of having pride in ownership.


Engine / Driveline

⁃   Boost Up/FBO
⁃   Carbing cooling panel
⁃   Samco hose kit
⁃   Gruppe M air intake
⁃   Okada project coil packs
⁃   Magical fuse Grounding Kit
⁃   Tomei blow-off valve
⁃   Apex’i boost controller
⁃   Tide of time ti hood prop
⁃   HPI oil catch can
⁃   Blitz radiator cap & battery mount
⁃   Power FC ECU
⁃   Beat Rush floor performance bar
⁃   Ralliart Exhaust
⁃   SARD Cat
⁃   Full downpipe header wrap


Suspension / Footwork

⁃   Cusco strut bar front & rear
⁃   Cusco trunk floor brace
⁃   Cusco drain pan
⁃   J-Speed front bar
⁃   Super Private center brace
⁃   Super Private chassis brace
⁃   Blitz ZZR coils
⁃   Poly diff Bushings
⁃   APP Stainless brake lines
⁃   Megan Racing rear tow arms
⁃   Super Private chassis brace
⁃   Prodrive wheels 18 x 18.5 +34 sq
⁃   Michelin Cup 2 Tires (2021) 235/40-18
⁃   Winmax brake pads



⁃   Personal Steering Wheel
⁃   Defi oil temperature gauge
⁃   Defi oil pressure gauge
⁃   Defi water temperature gauage
⁃   Defi boost gauge
⁃   A’PEXi FC Commander
⁃   Blitz dual turbo timer
⁃   Pivot speed meter – V
⁃   Strada double-din head unit
⁃   Panasonic amplifier-subwoofer unit w/remote
⁃   Prodrive floor mats



Taxes not included


Evoloution V GSR
55,300 mi
Munich Silver
2 L


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