1991 Honda NSX | Sorcery Widebody | Rare Fitment Work CR Kai | One Off Titanium Exhaust | NSX R Final Drive | Show Quality Custom Blue Paint Work |

Stock# M-004

1991 Honda NSX by Sorcery Design Creation

Our beautiful Honda NSX by Sorcery has arrived and is ready for delivery.  This “Mystery Blue” NA1 NSX has been assembled by the great minds at Sorcery Design Creation International in Japan with meticulous attention to detail.  Built for maximum grip and high speed running, this NSX moves like an athlete.  NSX-R DNA has been added by the use of the hierarchy’s final drive, engine cover & coolant reservoir cover.  Bilstein coilovers & light weight Work CR Kai’s allow for rapid & controlled movements on the road and/or track.  Beautifully styled on top of proper equipment, the MR sports coupe wears a custom paint job with upgraded HID & LED lighting all around along with facelifted OEM (NA2) taillights.  The road going GT car is a mastery of great minds, and driving enthusiasts.  Now available and awaiting a responsible custodian!


The Drive 

The NSX is a result of Honda’s best effort at a culmination of a streetable track car.  This is why it is a perfect platform for modification which is exactly what our Sorcery NSX exemplifies.  The acceleration is notably brisk, thanks to a final drive gear set sourced from the NSX R along with VTEC activation at 6K RPMs.  Oil pressure also remains stout, giving the engine maximum rev abilities within safe tolerances.  While sharp, the feel is also smooth which is always an advantage when adapting OEM modifications.  This makes for effortless pulls to high speeds along with a similarly smooth deceleration sequence, a major factor in technical driving situations.  A powerband delivering linear feedback is this car’s special ability, allowing the driver to use the car in a plethora of situations (i.e. highway running, technical road attacks, cruising to lunch etc.) without the necessity of a racing license.  The suspension system by Bilstein makes good of the company’s promise by providing extraordinary handling abilities through a slew of situations with added benefit from motorsport inspired tires by Falken.  Driving through turns with little to no speed reduction in many cases comes as a result from this NSX’s dynamic drive and quality outfitting.  It is truly a dream to drive, particularly if you are a fan of raw, mechanical machines.  The rotors, while a tad warped, provide amazing stopping power whilst also providing the driver with the confidence to keep the rhythm going during a drive.  This brings me to the sound, provided by a singularly produced, one-off exhaust system made from titanium allowing the C30A 6-cylinder powerplant to scream well, also sounding amazing during moments of engine braking.  Between the sound, the speed, the razor sharp steering, the immensity of braking; this is a machine that will put your senses on notice.


The Cockpit 

Once inside, you’ll find yourself feeling well secured by the Sparco REV bucket seats & Willans harnesses.  Look forward and a Momo racing steering wheel with an OEM NSX R horn button is mounted.  One turn out of the driveway and you will understand the trifecta of perfection between the aforementioned items.  A true NSX R titanium shift knob is easy to grasp for gear changes and adds a cool touch of detail.  The interior is kept up with period correct sensibilities including the audio system.  A Carrozzeria sound system encompasses the entire cockpit & sounds great.  The rear speakers are mounted between the front seats & engine compartment, utilizing blue accent lighting for the perfect period & culturally correct touch.  The audio system is equipped with a function-control remote which was created in collaboration between Carrozzeria & Pioneer, along with a second dash mounted controller to adjust sound output.  The head unit display is beautifully crafted and looks right at home inside the NSX.


The Condition

Amazing to say the least, but let’s cover some detail.

Inside, the dashboard, driver controls, air conditioning controls, gauge cluster, A-pillars, headliner, door sills, glass & plastics are in sterling condition.  At the risk of sounding like a salesman, it is VERY difficult to spot any damage let alone wear & tear.  Even the iconic leather door cards look untouched, and freshly produced.  There was certainly a high level of awareness to not put a scratch on commonly used buttons.  Pop up the trunk & you will find immaculately kept carpeting.  The only identifiable true aging can be seen on the lower portion of the seats, at the leg-rest where there is a bit of fading.

Outside, the paint work is meticulously finished & kept.  With clear indication that the car was coated multiple times with clear-coat upon completion of the color change, followed by a strict regimen of keeping the paint clean & clear thanks to proper detail work and of course, discipline.  The carbon fiber pieces are all clear, free of yellowing and/or cracking. Same goes for lighting, all around.  The glass all around is streak free including both pieces surrounding the engine compartment.  This means that in lieu of heat and temperature changes, attention was always paid where due and the car at every crevice was kept tidy.  This obsessive behavior is continued into the engine compartment where components are kept, even including labels!  The wheels are immaculate in both condition and cleanliness, which can also be said for the brakes & titanium mufflers.  This car might have been built to drive, but it was maintained like a show car.


Modifications List

  • Gruppe M carbon kevlar intake
  • Custom headers
  • 1 of 1 JGTC style titanium exhaust
  • NSX R grated engine cover
  • NSX R coolant reservoir sock
  • NSX R final drive
  • NSX R slotted rotors
  • NSX R style steering wheel
  • FEELS brake master cylinder brace
  • Os Giken super single
  • Samco hoses
  • Bilstein coilovers
  • *New* Falken Azenis RT615K tires
  • CR Kai Work Emotions (Rare Specifications)
  • Full Sorcery NA1 Aero kit

    • Sorcery hood
    • Sorcery carbon diffuser

  • Matrix custom dual element, adjustable rear spoiler
  • Full indepth color change to “Mystery Blue”
  • NA2 taillights
  • Upgraded HID lighting
  • Full LED conversion all around
  • Sparco REV’s – can be upgraded to Jersey Red Recaro’s for an additonal cost
  • Willans harness (+ factory belts)
  • Onboard G-Force & KM read out
  • Carrozzeria sound system
  • Inter Trust Car Mate rearview mirror
  • Vehicle comes with two keys, one in titanium and the other a standard OEM


Recent Services

  • Valve cover gaskets
  • Valve adjustment
  • Oil change
  • New A/C compressor and dryer
  • New coolant reservoir
  • Coolant flush
  • New Falken Azenis RT615K
  • Alignment via Apex Alignment


Taxes not included


97,500 mi
3 L


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