1992 Mazda Efini RX7 (FD3S) | Slip Stream Style 450hp | FULL Custom Color Change | T78-33D Single Turbo | Öhlins | Advan A052 | Streetport | RE Amemiya

1992 Mazda Efini RX7

Available for purchase is an excellent example of what can become of an FD when properly tuned, a precision weapon capable of eclipsing those who seek battle. This 1992 Mazda Efini RX7 has been outfitted with a slough of top tier parts that would be right at home on the pages of an early 2000’s tuning catalog. Any vehicle can simply be adorned with these parts but what makes this RX7 proper is the choice of parts in relation to one another and the overall quality of the work. Unlike many of the forgotten cars we all too often see in Japan, this one has been very well kept and cared for resulting in an excellent condition example of an FD.


Condition Report

In terms of condition this RX7 is one of the best we have had the chance to offer for sale, through some digging, a few photos were discovered showing the car in a private garage accompanied by a few 911s and an R32 GTR, a luxury that is not so common. The exterior is clad with bits of aero produced by RE Amemiya and is finished in a color we have come to lovingly refer to as “Root Beer”.   The color does not yell at you how beautiful it is but waits until it is struck by the 1:00 am street lights to reveal the shimmer of the red, purple and bronze tones that comprise the color. The condition of the paint is very good, showing very few imperfections. 


Moving to the cockpit, the purpose of this machine becomes more clear, featuring a Bride Gardis III carbon kevlar halo bucket seat with a Sabelt harness meant to secure the pilot during the dance of highspeed battle. There is no significant wear to be found in the interior along with any of the common failure points of the FD RX7 interior trimmings. Air conditioning is something that is far too often removed, but that is not the case with this car, both heater and aircon still remain functional. An audio system is the one thing that does not remain from the factory with the din now utilized for gauges.  


Driving Characteristics 

The combination of parts that comprise this RX7 make for a very tight and nimble car that feels planted under all driving circumstances. At top end the stability of the car is confidence inspiring to say the least, with a feeling that the car is going to respond to every input with no fuss. One thousand miles prior to our acquisition, the engine received a full overhaul which can be felt with how responsive and tight the drivetrain feels. The engine pulls swiftly and powerfully through the revrange thanks to the Trust T78-33D single turbo that has been mated to the street ported 13b engine.



As a whole this RX7 exhibits what many of our other cars both past and present have, and that is the ability to be a weapon in battle but take your significant other to dinner after. This is a machine for every occasion. 


Spec list


  • 1000 miles on overhauled 13B-REW
  • Street port
  • RE full exhaust stardust factory
  • Trust/Greddy t78-33d turbo
  • Trust/Greddy wastegate 
  • Trust/Greddy 4 inch thick intercooler
  • Trust/Greddy throttle body inlet pipe
  • Apexi Power FC
  • Greddy Profec B spec ii boost controller
  • HPI evolve radiator (Vertically mounted for high speed)
  • Greddy coolant Swirl pot
  • Supernow solid engine mounts 

Drive line

  • fully refreshed 
  • Twin disc Clutch 
  • 1.5 way LSD


  • Supernow rear toe arms
  • Supernow rear trailing arms
  • Supernow complete pillow ball bushing kit
  • Runmax braided steel line
  • Öhlins coilovers
  • Cusco carbon front strut bar
  • Beat rush rear strut bar
  • Cusco brake master cylinder stopper
  • TWS Motorsport T66 wheels 18×9.5 +40
  • Yokohama Advan A052 265/35 date 2022
  • Titanium strut mount hardware


  • Re Amemiya Fenders
  • Re Amemiya Hood 
  • Re Amemiya Bumper 
  • Re Amemiya side skirts
  • Carbon rear Wing
  • Ganador mirrors
  • Re Amemiya door handles
  • Carbon tail light center garnish 
  • Front splitter w/ air guides 


  • Bride Gardis III Carbon Kevlar
  • Sabelt 4 point harness
  • Momo tuner 350mm steering wheel
  • Mazdaspeed horn button
  • AutoExe shift knob 
  • Defi boost gauge 
  • Auto Gauge oil temp meter 
  • Auto Gauge water temp meter
  • Greddy exhaust temp gauge 
  • Battery relocation to trunk with aluminum box
  • Panasonic gel battery


VIN: FD3S104997


Kilometers: 108,000/67,000 miles


Keys: 1 key included 


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We also speak Español 

We Ship (Insured) Anywhere Worldwide if Needed.

Located in Miami, Florida 33126 Financing Available with Approved Credit Trades Always Welcomed (UP or DOWN)

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Taxes not included


67,000 mi
1.3 L


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