1996 Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) by Knight Sports | V-Mount | LSD | Aragosta’s | Big Throttle Body | Clean Street Tuned Rotary Machine

Stock# M-KSFD3S

1996 Mazda RX-7 by Knight Sports

VIN:  FD3S-401849

170,172 km / 105,739 mi



Knight Sports

Mastery since the 70’s


The FD3S RX-7 was designed with balance as a key initiative.  Light weight & a 50:50 weight distribution will achieve that, and Knight Sports will improve the experience further more.  A tuning shop that has been tweaking rotary powerd cars since the 70’s back when they just went by “Knight”.  This example is a beautiful impression of a non-intimidating, very usable RX-7 built with everyday driving in mind.  Suspension by the masters ast Aragosta with specific tuning by KS puts the driving experience on lock.  Swift turn in with a firm but not back breaking ride. KS Sway bars further the motive for more grip via the reduction of chassis flex.  All of this really comes into play when mashing the pedal, and the noise starts filling the cabin.  Upgraded throttle bodies, 99′ spec turbos, paired with a full exhaust system all by KS mind you, really gives the FD the kick it needs, and then some.  Passing power a plenty.  A twin-turbo was kept for ultimate effiency in acceleration.


Back Again

We love our return customers

This is now the second time the RX-7 has graced our inventory.  Our customer thought it was time for something else, and naturally we jumped on it.  This is a super solid, and as we’re car nerds, we love to have them for another go-around!  Most dealerships aren’t privy to vehicles returning but given the unique nature of our cars, we welcome it.




– 99’+ spec turbos
– Knight Sports (KS) big throttle body
– KS full exhaust
– KS V-mount
– KS remap


– Aragosta coilovers tuned by KS
– KS big sway bar kit
– KS 1.5 way LSD
– KS 2-piece F&R rotors
– Rays Engineering CE28n wheels


– KS vented hood
– KS front bumper
– KS rear bumper
– KS side skirts
– KS spoiler
– KS sleek headlight conversion


Imported legally – U.S. titled – Ready for enjoyment


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RX-7 (FD3S)
105,739 mi
1.3 L


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