1998 BMW Alpina B6 2.8 Touring (E36) | #111 of 136 units | Arctic Silver-Gold Dekor | Japan Only Model | Great Condition | Drives Well | Extremely Rare & Unique

Stock# M-ALP36

1998 BMW Alpina B6 2.8 Touring

Available now at RMC Miami is this beautifully kept Alpina B6 2.8 Touring (E36).  This very special station wagon (or “touring” in BMW lingo) was a Japan-only Alpina model, limited to only 136 units.  This example is #111 and is registered within the official Alpina directory.  The essence of Alpina translates beautifully into the E36 platform using their methodolgy of comfort-sport.

The engine is based on the late model E36 328i (M52B28) which was modified by Alpina using a revamped exhaust system, new engine management along with cylinder heads & camshaft from the U.S. spec M3 of the time.  This formula makes for the perfect amount of low-end torque for passing and easy driving.  The 47 added horsepower can certainly be felt throughout the power band.  The transmission is a ZF 5-speed tiptronic, providing excellent power delivery and smooth shifts.  Suspension wise, the ride is elegant with precise steering thanks to springs & shocks with Alpina’s touch.

Conditionally, the car is in great shape and was clearly kept up through it’s 25 year history.  The interior’s upkeep shows with all fabrics clean & intact.  The iconic green & blue stiching in various parts of the car (floor mats, steering wheel, gear shifter etc…) are all present.  The vehicle’s unique identification plaque is on the passenger side dashboard in original condition.  The seats look as if they’ve been barely used, with clean door cards & headliner.  Even the magazine pockets found on the back of the front seats seem as they were never touched.  The trunk/hatch is as well in phenomenal condition with clean carpeting along with the original sliding luggage cover.  Aircon works for both heating & cooling, along with all dash lights & buttons.  The cabin in this car is really nice place to be.

With a nostalgic 90s aestethic & feel that simply cannot be replicated by the modern machine, this Alpina B6 2.8 Touring is the perfect choice for the vintage auto enthusiast!


‘Alpina B6 2.8 Touring’ Synopsis

In the late 90s, BMW Japan decided not to import the E36 328i Touring to the land of the rising sun after market research.  Alpina saw this as an opportunity and developed the car we have listed today, the B6 2.8 Touring as an alternative to both the 328i & B3 3.2.  A total of 136 examples were produced exclusively for the Japanese market between 1996 & 1998.  They were available in red, green & silver.  In & out the 2.8 Touring hones Alpina’s DNA.

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Alpina B6 2.8 Touring
74,123 mi
Arctic Silver
Black Leather outers / Blue Alpina Centers
2.8 L


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