1991 Toyota Sera (EXY10) | Greenish Yellow | OEM Butterfly Doors | Great Daily Cruiser | Head Tuner!

Stock# M-Sera

1993 Toyota Sera (EXY10)

VIN:  EXY100013892

152,480 km / 94,746 mi

An Inspiration

Cool ignites cool

The Sera has a rather interesting history as it was a test bed for body & aero techology, normally reserved for low production vehicles.  The idea was to build a futuristic, yet daily-useable & cheap to maintain vehicle.  The goal was met, and the car was the only economy car to receive the Torino-Piemonte Car Design Award in 1991.  The Sera was also very popular amongst first time buyers was generally considered as a good driving car.  It’s a quirky little machine with it’s true to fame odd characteristics, the main of course being the double-hinged butterfly doors.  The VERY doors that inspired Gordon Murray while he was designing the Mclaren F1.



Yes, that’s really what the color is named

This is one of the most sought after colors of the Toyota Sera, and our example is a great representative of such.  Very well taken care of over the last 32 years, this car starts up and just goes.  It’s smooth to drive and quick at the wheel with it’s close ratio stering.  The engine bay is clean (check gallery) and has been monitored and maintained throughout it’s ownership history.  The automatic transmission shifts smoothly and downshifts on command when throttle is applied for passing.  The interior is in great shape with no tears or rips, and the special 90’s pastel colorway still remains!

The Sera is gaining popularity for being a great addition to the fleet, namely used for daily or weekend cruising purposes.  It’s a great car to take scenic trips in as the whole thing is practically a skylight!


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94,746 mi
Greenish Yellow
90s Pastel / Tan
1.5 L


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