1994 Toyota Supra Turbo (JZA80) | HKS Cams | Ridox Aero | Tein Coilovers | 6-Speed | Precision 6766 Turbo | Greddy FMIC | Work Meisters SP3 | Tastefully Assembled

Stock# M-RR80

1994 Toyota Supra (JZA80)

VIN:  JT2JA82J0R0010703

137,747 mi / 221,682 km

The quintessential MKIV Supra Turbo

The right parts, the right look.

There’s many factors that go into arranging the proper outfit on a JZA80 Supra, luckily this car has all boxes checked.  This 1 of 7,533 Renaissance Red Supra was built to be a turnkey, visceral, usable sports car tuned for twisty Californian B-roads.


The Drive

6-Speed, 2JZ, RWD = The Formula

Off the top, this is a very fun, driver oriented car.  Hop in, turn the key, and go.  The first thing to note is the classic 2JZ tone during start-up.  Upon pressing down on the clutch, you will notice a crisp engagement along with smooth shifts; a nod to a proper V160 transmission swap.  On the road, a set of Tein Coilovers with EDFC control provide a very smooth ride paired with swift handling.  Left-to-right control feels exactly as it should, shedding the idea that the Supra is a fairly large coupe.  A sticky set of Falken Azenis also help with ride quality & handling and look the part wrapped around a set of Work Meister SP3’s with black centers & polished lips.

The engine was modified with a proper balance in mind using essential parts.  HKS cams solidify top-end performance, while 1,700cc Gram injectors provide neccessary fueling.  Adjustable HKS



Where you reside

Plenty of goods in the interior, which like the exterior was well cared for.  Custom tailored Honda S2000 seats keep you comfortable & still while out & about.  AEM gauges bring constant awareness to the vitals.  There’s more that can be found down on the list below, but on a personal note; this interior really gives a period vibe with a modern twist.  The MKIV Supra dash is fighter jet inspired hence a directional, driver focused dash configuration.  The pieces (including seats from a rival manufacturer) do accent the driving quarters very well.  Everything is wired & sorted neatly and in perfect view.  Overall, it’s a nice place to be.



Always transparent

This red MKIV Supra is in great condition both in & out.  This is another obsessive-previous owner type deal which, are the best cars to get into.  The body is scratch & ding free all the way around.  You’ll find no hazing in either the headlights nor taillights.  Glass including windshield is in tip-top shape along with mirrors (including inside).  Without boring you with every detail, it can be said that the car was really attended to over its lifetime.  Fenders are rolled to avoid rubbing.  To note, in April 2020 it was reported on Carfax that the Supra was involved in a light fender bender.  It was at this time the owner decided to add the Ridox front bumper cover.






– CP 8.5.1 pistons
– HKS Cams – T083 intake/T087 exhaust
– Eagle Rods and ACL race bearings on crank/rods
– ARP head studs
– HKS cam gears
– Metal head gasket
– Stock bore
– 1700cc grams fuel injectors
– Injector tip hatch 14mm
– AEM fuel pump
– Flex fuel kit with upgraded fuel lines e85/91
– Precision 6766 turbo
– 4” downpipe and catback
– 6 speed transmission, V160
– Aluminum radiator
– HKS coilpack igniter
– Tein Coilovers with edfc control
– Greddy intercooler kit
– Haltech elite 1500
– Tuned by turbojoe
– AEM 50-1200
– AEM 50-1205


– AEM truboost gauge
– AEM AFR gauge
– Momo F1 carbon steering wheel
– Custom S2000 leather seats and rear seats
– Custom trunk setup


– Ridox front bumper with carbon lip
– Ridox carbon front canards
– Ridox sideskirts with custom carbon splitter
– Rear carbon diffuser
– TRD trunk spoiler carbon
– Carbon fiber hood
– APR carbon side mirrors
– HID headlights
– LED running lights
– Custom LED front bumper Turn signal
– Carbon roof spoiler
– Carbon boot lip
– Carbon exhaust shield
– Carbon diffuser
– Work Meister SP3 (Black / Polished Lip)


Clean U.S. title – Ready for enjoyment


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137,747 mi
Renaissence Red
Black Leather - Red Trim
3 L


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