1997 Toyota Mark II (JZX100) BY BN SPORTS | Greddy Big Single | Work Emotions | Cusco 2-Way LSD | HKS 264 Cams | Loads of Suspension Tuning!

Stock# T-100

1997 Toyota Mark II (JZX100)

VIN: JZX100-6040409

60,545 km / 37,620 mi



The JZX platform, king of drift sedans

The subtitle never lies.  Our beautiful JZX100 is a moniker of the sort, a categorically, properly built sedan crafted for the art of drifting.  From the physical aesthetic out-to-in, to the sound, kit, color & style.  A BN sports kit begins the series of blessings on this car, most definitely the biggest drift-culture trait of the machine.  Work Emotion Kiwami’s in a polished finish adds a nice touch of bling to the car.


Power & Feel

What a noise it makes

The noise it makes is certainly head turning material, moreover enjoyable for the individual piloting this machine.  The classic 1JZ and it’s straight-6 tone paired with a single fat turbocharger, really makes for a symphonic driving experience.  You can feel the car’s every intention through your foot.  With oil flow sorted out, along with fuel delivery, this car has power exactly where it should with no flat-spots.  Even considering the Greddy T67-25G, the car has good power throughout the rev range.  The differential has great locking ability and feel.  If sliding is your pursuit, you will really love the feel and get up of this car.  A part to highlight and personally a favorite would be the suspension setup.  The orientation of parts used and details as to the choices of items used are very impressive.  Lots of KTS gear makes an appearance from a front-roll control kit to a rear LCA’s, to a rear subframe side-brace.  Cusco also makes an apperance on this build using a small array of parts such as a set of sway bars & UCA’s.  The car is irrevokably lighter than it appears, and certainly felt when driving.  It genuinly has the turn-in capability of a 3-series all while having the benefit of interior & luggage space.  Given a factory example with a 1JZ weighs 3,086 lbs, it would be fair to say that the BN Sports example sits somewhere in the 2K’ given lighter aero & suspension parts along with light weight reduction.


Low mileage, culturally correct

Right parts, right look, right idea


All in all, this vehicle was taken care of from the original owner into it’s life in the tuning world.  This is THE car that people try to emulate in the modern day, that early 2000s big flared kit with polished wheels all mounted to a pearl white JZX.  This car is the inspiration for many JZX100’s across the globe.  This is an amzing oppurtunity to own a piece of preserved history, driveable art.





– Trust oil-cooler with fan
– Grex oil filter relocation kit
– Koyorad radiator flex Japan version
– Greddy big turbo kit
– Greddy T67-25g
– JC foreign exchange store power steering reservoir
– Large power steering cooler
– Cusco type RS 2-way LSD
– Sard 650cc injectors
– HKS 264 cam set


– KTS front roll center correction kit
– KTS rear subframe side brace
– KTS double triangle brace front
– KTS rear front side brace
– KTS rear member brace
– KTS rear lower control arms
– KTS rear tow arms
– KTS rear traction arm
– Orange subframe brace
– Gold diff bushings
– HKS Hipermax D’ coilovers
– Cusco front upper control arms
– Cusco front and rear sway bar
– Project Mu brake pads
– Oil sump guard


– BN Sports body kit
– Work Emotion Kiwami 18×9.5 +30


Imported legally – U.S. titled – Ready for enjoyment


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Mark II
37,620 mi
Pearl White
Black & Grey Fabric
2.5 L


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